Factors To Hiring A Great Plumbing Company

Every household has one or two plumbing problems. It is even more probable to happen almost all the time with older homes. It doesn’t matter whether the issue is a simple one like clogged drains or leaky faucet, or more sophisticated ones such changing pipes or installing a new sink. While the simple ones can be addressed by the owners themselves, for complex issues it must be addressed by a professional or skilled plumber.

Before hiring a capable plumbing company or contractor, here are a couple of things you should consider.


The plumbing company should possess a license, and it must be updated, too. They should also be insured and bonded as well. Their license is to be displayed in a place where the customers can easily find it. It can be placed inside their vehicle or when they have mentioned along in advertisements. Having a license helps assure the customers that they are a genuine and qualified plumbing professional. Licensed plumbers assure clients that they are protected against financial expenses, in case an accident happens during the job. Don’t just settle with ones that carry licenses. Make sure that they are reputable as well, as they are highly likely to provide service to their clients during emergencies.


License with experience is often disregarded by clients because they are only focusing on the licenses. They don’t realize that experience matters as well. The more years that a plumbing company has been in the industry, the more likely they are very skilled in addressing to different problems relating to plumbing. They are also good at doing their job not only with their skill but how fast they are at doing it. Keep in mind that highly experienced plumbing companies can be quite pricey, but the result would be that they do their work better and faster.

Costs of Labor

The first thing that professional plumbing companies do when you ask for their assistance is that they visit your home first to assess the degree of the problem. They provide a free estimate based on their findings and will wait for your decision. Once you give themthe go, they will do their job right away. The price stated in their estimate is not the final one. Either it will be lower or higher depending on what other things they find during their assessment.

Inquire about the total estimate whether it is a flat or hourly rate. Many clients go for the flat rate, but it depends on which of the two is more cost effective.

You need to confirm the plumbing company when they are expected to be paid. Some of them want to have a down payment to start on the job; others will have all the payment after the job.

Most plumbing companies do clean up after they have done the job, but a few of them do not do so. The latter usually ask for an extra fee to clean up the mess they have made. Ask the prospect plumbing company whether they are going to charge for cleanup or not. Try to look at the quote if they include the clean up fee in there. If they don’t, ask for the reason. It will be up to you to do the cleanup or not, but it is your final call whether it is worth the pay or not.


Clients are expected to clarify regarding the kind of guarantee they get from the plumbing company, especially with their work. Is there a written agreement that the plumbing company finishes their job for a specific period? What happens when you are not satisfied with their job? If there is no guarantee, you might end up responsible for paying up repairs if there are any complications or problems that arise after their job is done.